Sunil Kumar Arora ..... the digitiger

Summary: Skilled in Healthcare/Clinical, VistA–CPRS, Automated CAD systems and an experienced DBA  with multiple RDBMS & s/w professional & SCRUM Master, passionately enjoying my profession with various versions of Databases/ languages/platforms for last 14+ years. I keep searching for matching environment where I along with team members can challenge myself and enhance my output (applications) & making them more efficient apps for end users. I believe in & try removing problems & complexities from user side and kill those complexities during development itself.

Main Strength:

  1. An Embarcadero recognized Most Valued Professional (MVP), providing satisfactory, efficient yet in-expensive services to clients across globe including those from France, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia, Surinam, Korea & of course across the Indian sub continent.
  • Leading and mentoring the team of Multi-skilled developers, H/w team, DB team & other office staff, working from various locations across the globe and on multiple projects.
  • Well versed with, Automated CAD Systems, Administering Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase, Firebird, Sybase and other RDBMS and Schema/Query/Pl-SQL designing/normalization/ optimization.
  1. Reverse Engineering / Internationalization/Localization / Migration (Delphi32 to .Net) of existing application. Maintaining and upgrading old legacy.
  2. Picking up applications developed by currently un-available developers, even without any introduction or documentation.
  • Working off-site and coordinating projects with team members sitting half a world across.
  1. Experienced in leading and mentoring the team (sometime even working remotely).


Total Exp.
Oracle 6 to 11g PLSQl, T-SQL, SQL92, Trigger/ SProc Data warehousing, Designing and fine tuning DBs 9+ Year
Administering Oracle, Sybase (11.X, 12.X, 15.X), MS SQL Server, Interbase, Firebird, Trigger / Stored Procedures/Queries, SQLCLR, Designing and fine tuning (Unix/Linux/Windows OS) 7 Year
RAD Studio XE 10.1 Berlin (1st update) Exploring
RAD Studio (Delphi + Prism + others) XE 10.1 & with Firemonkey

Embarcadero registered Beta tester for the product

Few Months
DELPHI (version 2 – 22) with XML /n-tier /client-server /COM-DCOM /Indy / J2EE (with lots of 3rd party components) 14 Yrs
Visual Studio  (with silverlight 4 & WPF 4) VB.Net,  C# Few months
MS VSS, Win CVS, Tortoise SVN, TestTrack Pro, OnTime 4 Year
MS Access , Dbase, Foxbase, Foxpro & MUMPS / GT.M. 5 Year
Crystal report, QuickReports, Report Builder, Jasper, FastReport 3 Years
JAVA 2 with JDBC & JSP 6 Months
FIS GT.M. / Intersystems Cache / Mumps / Big Data Few month

Domains (in which I have been related to software projects during my long professional journey)

  1. Clinical/Healthcare, HL7, Insurance , Emp Benefits, FMLA related applications
  2. DBA (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server etc)
  3. Design/development/deployment of Enterprise level MIS + Full Web Portal including news/forum/Photo Gallery/Classifieds hosting
  4. Automated CAD Systems
  5. Automation of Slide valve designing process (Mechanical Engineering) & Hydrology.
  6. Military / Defense forces related software.
  7. Customization/Enhancement/Development of TIER based healthcare systems.
  8. Worker’s compensation / FMLA / Insurance / Personnel management / Leave management
  9. Healthcare / Clinical management software including EDI
  10. Document management & Graphics/Image manipulation
  11. Equity/Debt Market
  12. Transportation (mainly Air transportation), Aircraft maintenance , Air Cargo
  13. Purchase / Warehousing / Eqpt. Maintenance & Retail (Shop) Management, Point of Sale (POS) systems
  14. EPA SWMM based Hydrology (Design & Analysis) applications.


Indian Air Force FROM 1985 TO Mid 2005

Domain: Project Management / Transport / Air Maintenance / Cargo-Logistics / Payroll / Data Warehousing / DBA

Received four commendation (from Commander-in-Chief etc), during last eight years of service for outstanding performance

* mid 200531 Dec 08 as Employee/consultant

Business Analyst (Sr. Software consultant)

FFI Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2000 company), Chennai (project belongs to a MNC (http://innovativecaresystems.com) based in Torrance, CA, USA)
* 07 May 2006 – Aug 2015 & again from 01 July 2016 till date
Chief Innovator & Solution Provider

HealthSevak (earlier Birilda Kurkalang)
Shillong, India

Clients / Patrons / Users include   


http://www3.gehealthcare.com/en/Products/Categories/Healthcare_IT/Electronic_Medical_Records/Centricity_Enterprise          (through http://www.citiustech.com/)

http://www.denovosoftware.com , Los Angeles, CA, USA

http://emqff.org, CA, USA

http://www.carlsonwagonlit.net/local.php, Paris, France

http://itcinfotech.com , Bangalore, India

http://www.astegic.com , VA, USA

http://easternenterprise.com , Hengelo, Netherlands

http://cylixglobal.com  Delhi (India) & Melbourne, Australia

http://www.ehealth.va.gov/VistA.asp Washington DC, USA

http://www.telmar.com , NY, USA     & London NW1 6EB, UK

ABC Business Solutions, Brisbane, Australia

http://www.innovativecaresystems.com , CA, USA

http://www.bossintl.com , WI, USA (the product ultimately taken [bought] over by Autodesk Inc.) http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=15430019

http://www.focusinfotech.com/ , Chennai, India

http://impacsystemsengineering.com , TX, USA

http://amic.com , Johannesburg, South Africa                                                                   …………..and many more………………..

* 07 Sep 2015 – June 20156
Lead Delphi Developer cum Delivery Manager (Indian Development Center)

ClanWilliamGroup through Eli Global Pvt Ltd  

Faridabad, India

Current Job Profile:

Currently, in addition to managing multiple software projects being handled at Indian Development Center, I am responsible for the following:


  • Lead, Guide and Mentor multi-disciplinary team of Eli Global Pvt Ltd, working for ClanWilliamGroup from Indian Development Center, to write efficient but well documented code based on finalized software design/specifications within the boundaries of estimates.
  • Active / Hands-on participation in Designing/Developing/Maintaining multiple products.
  • Translating functional specifications into software designs / specifications.
  • Make the Financial and Time estimates based on above design/specification and available resources using various standards like COCOMO II etc.
  • Developing and executing Unit Test Plans to test the products in exhaustive manner, and then fine-tuning the product as required.
  • Administering & Maintaining Hetrozenous Database environment Analyzing and correcting software deficiencies and coding faults

I have also been providing support on various Delphi web sites (under the pseudo name of digitiger), so you may also find some of my code samples on various web sites. Following are some of the URLs for your ready reference:


I am also currently administering/managing two Delphi related public group  & an active member of various Database groups/forums at LinkedIn.com and other web sites.

PROJECTS The list of main live projects is as follows (excluding several small projects) in reverse order

43) MD Office (EHR & PM) :

Client: ELI Global, USA

Frontend: Delphi 6, 7, 2009, XE

Backend: SQL Server 2008

Domain/Market: A successful and very extensive EHR & PM products used by Ophthalmologists in USA and various other markets

Details: Confidential

My Role: Mentoring and guiding the whole Development team across several nations.

42) DGL Practice Manager :

Client: Helix Health, UK under ClanWilliamGroup.com

Frontend: Delphi 4, 7, 2009, XE2, XE6, XE8, XE 10 Seattle

Backend: Paradox, DBISAM, SQL Server 2008

Domain/Market: successfully being used by most of the Medical practitioners in UK for almost two decades now

My Role: Managing the offshore team and managing the Deliveries

41) CliniScript :

Client: Helix Health, Dublin under ClanWilliamGroup.com

Frontend: Delphi 6, TurboPascal (DOS)

Backend: BTree Filer, SQLLite

Domain/Market: Used by most of the big Hospitals based pharmacies in Ireland

My Role: Managing the offshore team and managing the Deliveries


39) QicScript :

Client: Helix Health, Dublin under ClanWilliamGroup.com

Frontend: Delphi XE

Backend: SQL Server 2008

Domain/Market: Pharmacies in Ireland and UK market (including Robots based Pharmacies)

My Role: Managing the offshore team and managing the Deliveries

38) Replacing MS Office Automation from VistA-CPRS

Client: – WorldVista  & VistA community (http://www.worldvista.org)

Frontend: Delphi 2007

Backend: Mumps (GT.M. And Cache)

Details: The earlier versions of CPRS application relied upon MS Office for several routine tasks like Spell/Grammar Check which is no longer possible with newer versions of MSOffice, so there was a need to replace these feature with some alternative. I have done this by using OpenSource HunSpell engine which is also used by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Mozilla, Chrome etc.

37 HealthSevak:

Domain: HealthCare

Frontend: Delphi, FireMonkey, Javascript (for PCs & Android devices)

Backend: SQL Server, Firebase/FireDAC

Details: Confidential due to Business contracts (could be discussed at later stage)

36) Managing development of Delphi Plug Framework with Repository Wizzard to assist Delphi Developers:

URL:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-cRmZNNfzyONmhNVS1TMHB6dTQ&usp=sharing

Frontend: Delphi – All versions starting from Delphi 7 to XE6/XE6/XE8

Details: This is a Plugin framework Developed by us in-house, to assist one of the client’s project mentioned below & also to be released as a freeware by us to be used by Delphi Developer community. The main features of this framework are as below:

  1. a) Allows to break thick EXE into smaller independent modules/plug which not only make maintenance and fixes easier but also make online updates a breeze reducing the requirement of users downloading hundreds of MB (and consuming vendor’s bandwidth) just because a small spelling change in one screen!. Furthermore, this also assists in vendors to fine-tune deployment of big projects by providing only required modules based on user requirements/selections/purchase etc.
  2. b) Include Project Wizard to assist developers in creating new Plug/Modules by clicking on standard Delphi Menus/repository (one new options along with various options like “New VCL Application”, “New FireMonkey Application” etc.
  3. c) DB connectivity and connection pooling across various plugs/modules using common connection component for any DB.
  4. d) Plugs/Modules can include full scale user interface including MDI or non-MDI forms and any other available component/control.
  5. e) Plugs may interact with application’s system menu and or main menu
    f) May interact or sometime even manipulate various components exposed by main/host application.


35) Upgrade and optimize an old legacy (Delphi 5 & Delphi7) Mammoth Healthcare project to Delphi XE7 & in-house developed Plugin framework :

Client: Brisbane based (Company confidential due to contract restrictions)

Domain: Healthcare including Lab & OT mgmnt / Scheduling / Reporting , HL7 etc

Frontend: Delphi7, Delphi2009 & Delphi XE7


34) Upgradation of  15+years old suit of Healthcare/Clinical Management applications (As Sys Analyst)

Client: GE Centricity (through Citius Tech, Navi Mumbai)

Frontend: Delphi 7 , C#, C++, VB6, JSP

Backend: SQL Server


33) Managing and supporting a suit of Access Control + Access based Charging + POS related application:

Client: MonitorWA, Perth, Australia

Frontend: Delphi 2010 & C# based WinForms

Backend: SQL Server + Smartcard (multiple types) SDK

Details: While the project started with short term contract for finding several deep memory leaks in a C# based Winforms application and a complex Delphi 7 application but based on satisfactory results, was extended to Extend / Upgrade & manage the whole suite of applications along with 5 developers (2 in India and 3 in Australia).

31) Migrating a very big set of third party components (some supported, some not supported) & Legacy project to Delphi XE2 (Win32 and 64 bit) as System Analyst & Sr. Developer

Client: DeNovo Software (www.denovosoftware.com )

Frontend: Delphi 2009 & Delphi XE2/3 with tons of third party component libraries (some without any support or new updates!)

Backend: ElevateDB, DBISAM and MS SQL Server

Other Technologies used: SVN, Citrix, IssueViewer and few in-house developed project management processes

Duration: Seven Months

Domain: Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Solutions with lots of mathematical / scientific calculations and onscreen canvas/raw image/pixel manipulations based on same and automated/informative data analysis.

Details:- This project was using / depending upon more than 30 third party component libraries. Several of these libraries were no longer supported officially (like DEC cipher, ImageEn, AQDocking, DropMaster, RegExpr etc). So the first task was to upgrade all these libraries so that they could be used for 32 bit as well as 64 bit (Dephi XE 2/3). To make the task bit more challenging and appetizing, lot of them were never used by me in past and so needed a bit extra to understand their working and internals before upgrading them on my own by modifying their code. Another thing spicing up the whole task was that some of them were not even fully Unicode compatible!

30) Cross platform Image manipulation application

Client: An Australian company (confidential)

Frontend: RAD XE2 / Firemonkey

Details: This is an ambitious project to utilize latest cross-platform compiling options of RAD XE2 to create an image manipulation application which can be used across various platforms/OS including most of the browser (as SAAS), MacOS, iOS and 32x/64x Windows. Also it involves almost all advance functions possible for image manipulation including TWAIN, color/pixel manipulation/ cropping/rotation/ alpha-rendering/ flipping/mirroring/color/convolution layer/ negative/zoom/lasso or region based selection.

29) Interactive WebPortal + MSOffice & PDF forms based MIS (PM/BA + Hands-on)

Client: HQ EAC, Indian Air Force

Server/Client-side: Zoomal, Zibra, Javascript, .Net4 (Visual Studio 2010) with Silverlight

Frontend: MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Jasper

Backend: MySQL, Sybase(12.5 & 15.1 on RedHat EL) & Oracle 11g

Details: The project invove redesign and optimize and integrate several databases across various domains/OS/Platforms. It also involves integeration of several web interfaces for Eastern Air Command some of which are in demilitarized zone while others are behind different firewalls. This complete web portal is supposed to have eye-candy web portal encompassing all the possible web functionalities including video conferencing, emails, feedbacks, data updates and reporting for various departments, feedback, internal search engines, photo albums etc etc all built into it. More importantly, a big portion of their MIS was redesign to do away with bundle of old legacy application, which were often duplicating lot of data capture and contained different types of complex UI. We wrapped up most of their data forms into MS word and PDF forms which not only were exact replica of paper forms (putting ultimate user at ease) but also removed several complexity layers from the whole process. For BI part we embedded VB/java scripts in those forms and moved lot more logic to Databases (stored procedure/functions) These forms are now very easily scalable and do not necessarily need developers for same. Also there are lot of access controls and encryption mechanisms embedded inside each layer/file to keep the system secure without adding any visible hindrances or hassles for users.

28) Initiating Project transition and building up team from grounds up (Feb 2011 to Jul 2011) as Sr. Delphi Advisor cum Business Analyst

Client: ITC Infotech & Carlson Wagonlit Travels, France

Domain: Hospitality

Frontend: Delphi 5 & 6 and Java2

Backend: Sybase (12.3 & 12.5 on Linux), MySQL

Details: Had been tasked by ITC InfoTech to assist them take over Sybase/Delphi software project belonging to CWT, Paris for enhancement & maintenance starting from Due Diligence phase (Onsite) to full-fledged operation stage and in the process also find suitable resources and build a team (Onsite in Paris as well as in B’lore for offshore support) of same for this project.

27) Project: Extending TIER & BCMS based system for NGO (01/03/2009–Jan 2011)

Client: EMQ Families First, Campbel, CA, USA

Domain: Health Care with EDI

Front end: Delphi 2010 & (Delphi 7 based) TIER 5.1 and Crystal Reports11,

Back end: Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005 & 2008 (Advanced Scripting, Pl/SQL, Stored Procedures, UDF, Backup/Restoration etc)

26)  Project: Delphi/Interbase to Delphi/SQLServer 2005 migration (01-02-2008 to 15-02-2009 )

Client:  http://easternenterprise.com/uk/index.htm , Hengelo, Netherlands

Domain: Retail Sales and inventory management

Details: This multilingual project (native language Dutch), involves converting a legacy application (Delphi 6) to use SQL Server 2005 instead of Interbase 7.5 & tons of third party components including Multilizer (for Internationalization/Localizatio), ReportBuilder, DevExpress, MadExcept, SDAC (for direct connectivity to SQL Server), Scalabium, VCLZIP etc.

My Role: (Project Lead) In addition to leading the team for writing/enhancing Delphi components and application source, I was also instrumental in designing and then fine tuning the SQL Server Database including User Data types, rules, Security management, Triggers and Stored procedure.

25) Project: Delphi 6 to Dot Net migration (17 Jan 2008 – 30 June 2008)

Client:  http://easternenterprise.com/uk/index.htm , Hengelo, Netherlands

Domain: Retail Sales and inventory management

BackEnd: Oracle 10g

Details: This multilingual project (native language Dutch), involves converting a legacy application (Delphi 6) web enabled Dot Net version. This project uses tons of third party components including Multilizer (for Internationalization/Localization), ReportBuilder, DevExpress, MadExcept, SDAC (for direct connectivity to SQL Server), Scalabium, VCLZIP etc.

My Role: (Project Lead) In addition to leading the team for writing/enhancing Delphi components and application source, was also instrumental in designing & then fine tuning the Oracle 10g Db.

24) Project Name: SlideValve (construction) Automation (Automated CAD)

Client:  http://impacsystemsengineering.com , TX, USA

           & http://tapcoenpro.com , Houston, TX, USA

           Through http://www.astegic.com, VA, USA

Scope: a) Create an application using Delphi 7 to automate the calculations etc involved in construction of mammoth slidevalves based on user specifications

Domain: Mechanical Engineering

23) Project Name: TOPS (Mar 07- Oct 07)

Client: http://www.us.telmar.com/products/TOPS.html , NY, USA along with another in Brisbane, Australia

Domain: Digital Media / Marketing / Advertisement & Data Warehousing

Platform: Citrix, windows versions (all above 98)

Front-end: Delphi 7  /  Backend: SQL Server/DBISAM / XML / Legacy files and with OODBMS

Other Technologies:- WinCVS/ CVS , TestTrackPro , Citrix

Third party components:- DevExpress library, TeeChart 7 pro, ReportBuilder, XLSreadWrite, M7Framework, SOAP, SortGrid and lots of other third party components

Own Role: Working in a team comprising of developers sitting in various parts of the world (Australia, Canada, UK and USA) to enhance the application in line with user expectations and improve its efficiency.

Project Details: Uses very advanced OOPs, OODBMS, COM/DCOM, Interfaces,  Advance XML (including component and binary files serialization) and relies on lots of advance set of own custom developed component frameworks in addition to DevExpress, ReportBuilder, XLSReadWrite, TeeChart 7 professional etc etc.

MyRole: To work alongside developers and other team members working from across the globe including Australia, Canada, USA, UK, China, Belgium, South Africa etc to enhance and maintain the application in line with fast changing market dynamism and user requirements from different parts of the world.


22) Project Name: Transmit (Mar 07- Aug 07)

Client:  http://amic.comm  (Subsidiary of Telmar USA), Johannesburg, South Africa

Scope: a) Upgrade the suit of applications from Delphi 4 to Delphi 7

  1. b) Internationalize and localize the complete suit of applications

           Domain: Related to management of TV commercials/Advertisements

21) Project Name: StormNET (Product ultimately purchased/taken-over by Autodesk, Inc.)



(an Automated CAD System) as Product Lead

Client: Boss International, WI, USA

Front-end: Delphi 7 with in memory datasets and MS Office as reporting tool

Duration: Two years

Own Role:  As a Product Lead, I was responsible for complete product including designing, customer support, Addressing requests from customers and marketing team and planning enhancements, Maintaining the product and above all leading and mentoring the team of  multi skilled developers in co-coordinated, efficient and fruitful manner.

Team: Five Delphi developers, two C++ developers, 1 Web developer, 1 Tester, 2 Customer Support engineers, 2 Civil engineers, Tele Marketing team.

Details: In Nutshell, this application is compatible with EPA SWMM engine. It was originally a typically engineering application build for and built by civil engineers and lacked proper GUI or ease of use. During the course of my interaction with this project, we were tasked to modernize its user interface and enhance its functionality and usability, if required by creating CUSTOM NATIVE VCL COMPONENT or else research/find and use suitable third party components (if they save significant development period). I have interacted with lots of third party components like TeeChart 7 professional, TMS components, TSQLMemTables (in memory table component), TCADExport and TCADImport VCL components, Envision graphic library, MADExcept etc. This is also GIS Enabled. I had also used MS Office automation through COM to make most of my applications gel with industry standard applications. Even though we used tons of third party component, still my work has involved use of lots of raw WIN API including GRAPHIC APIs because, some of my applications involved lots of canvas painting and manipulation.

20) Upgrade and Modernize applications related to VistaM / CPRS / Mumps / GT.M.


Platform: windows versions (all above Win 98), Linux Servers

Front-end: Delphi (Multiple versions)

Backend: MUMPS / GT.M.

Period: Nov 2006 – Apr 2007

Details: A Washington based big company (name confidential due to contract constraints) sought my assistance to modernize and add user friendly interface and features to vast Healthcare related suit of application used by several big Hospitals/ Clinics in addition to its main patron “The Department of Veterans Affair”..


19) Reverse-engineer and Enhance an existing Delphi project (Dutch language)

Platform: windows versions (all above 98)

Front-end: Delphi 5 / 7

Backend: DBISAM Database & MySql

Period: Three months in late 2005

Details: This project involved an efficiently running application (at Polyclinics in a south American country). Now this application was required to be enhanced based on user experience and requirements. But as the original developer, who worked on this application about 3 years back is not available for the job and also because, the user doesn’t have any project source or any documentation, this application has to be reverse engineered, observed against running application, recreated and then enhanced with additional features. The task becomes more challenging because the application uses Dutch as its language, which was totally unknown to me before this project.

18) Enhancement of FMLA / LOA / STD / LTD / Absence / Insurance Management Application

Client: http://innovativecaresystems.com/ , CA, USA through http://www.focusinfotech.com

Platform – Win 2003 server / Win 98 & W2K clients
Front-end – Delphi 7 / Delphi 2005
Backend – Oracle 9i / Oracle 10g along with PL/SQL

Domain- Healthcare/Insurance, Workers compensation/ Leave Mgmt, Data Warehousing
Other Technologies – MS VSS
Network: LAN / Internet
Client’s Web Url: http://www.innovativecaresystems.com/

Third party components:- LMD library, VirtualTreeView, WPDF, WPTools, ODAC, VCLZip, KAZip, TMS, ThemeManager Library, MadExcept  and lots of other third party components.

My Role: Provide guidance to other developers based in Toronto (Canada) & Chennai (India) in addition to coding. For this I have to directly interact with US / Canada based clients & their developers in addition to manage the application at Indian end.
Scope: This application is used by a US/Canada based service provider with call center who manages the Absence related issues for employees of multiple big organizations based across the globe in accordance to various acts like FMLA etc and also helps them process various Claims. It is wizard-based application with its own scripting engine, which makes it very easy for even new operators to complete different steps required in difference circumstances for employees of different employers (who may have different criteria/rules for absence/Leave). This project also involves developing and maintaining lots of accessory application (one for each client company), which is used to act as a sort of bridge between the client’s legacy application and existing data formats and that of ours. As most of clients are well-established players in their own domains, most of them have some running systems (MIS etc) and do maintain some or the other type of database. As most of them have their own customized formats so we cannot expect any of our clients to modify their applications and database for us. So at our end, we create an integrator application for each one of those, which imports, re-format and upload their data to our database as per our format. This makes our setup very flexible and more acceptable in the market because irrespective of the current state and format of such systems at client’s end, we can very easily use their existing systems and data (so for example, they don’t have to type lots of data every time) and also give them all the reports which replicate their existing reporting systems in addition to all the other reports which they can visualize. In this project also we employ tons of third party components in addition to our OWN CUSTOM DEVELOPED VCL COMPONENTS.

17) Localization / Internationalization of widely used Delphi application:
Upgrading/Localizing/Internationalizing four years old Delphi application
Platform – All windows versions
Front-end – Delphi 6/7 with lots of third party components including Indy, Advhttp, HTMLLite, BmThread, HTMLLite, Multilizer etc

Backend – SQL Server
Other Technologies – Win CVS, Bugzilla, InstallShield 6.3 with lots of scripting
Web URL:  http://www.earlysail.com/  (client url: http://vayusphere.com )

My Role- As this application was being maintained by developers based in US, I had to take over the code from them and enhance it in addition to modifying its base model. This was a very difficult and risky part because due to continued customer requests, changes were being continuously made to application in USA, and I was modifying its base design in India. This resulted in several conflicts, which were tactfully managed almost on daily basis.
Scope: This is a Delphi based application owned by a USA based MNC being used efficiently for several years by several big organizations and over 15000 independent users. Now this application was required to be upgraded with several additional features in addition to easy way to customize it and localize it based on preferences of user and/or branding or reselling agency.

16)   BPO Assistant

Client/Employer: Anderson Computers Pvt Ltd, Shillong

Platform – Win 2003 server / Win 98 & W2K clients

Front-end – Delphi 7

Backend – Oracle 9i

Duration – 3 Months (Oct 04 – Dec 04)

Network: LAN / Internet

Features: This application manages the complete process of BPO (data conversion center)

Including automated FTP download / upload on Internet, File and document management through Oracle 9i database, Employee performance management monitoring their output and actual operation timings, Office Automation to automatically check certain aspects of Doc files and get various statistics. After all the above the invoice and salary slips are also automatically generated at the end of fix cycles.

15) Word Count: Component

Client/Employer: Anderson Computers Pvt Ltd, Shillong

Platform : Windows

Language : Delphi 7

Period : Single Day

Feature : This component helps programmer retrieve various statistics from Documents like no of its characters (with or without space), no of words, no of lines , no of paragraphs and no of pages IN ADDITION TO NO AND TYPE OF EMBEDDED / LINKED OBJECTS  like equations, images etc in an automated manner.

14) Equities & Account Manager

Client: Gulati and Gulaties, Mohan Singh palace, New Delhi

Platform – Win Me/ Win 2000 server

Front-end – Delphi 6

Backend – Oracle 9i/DBISAM

Duration – 12 1/2 Months

Network – LAN

Features – This project was to manage the share/equities and Debt being purchased / sold by the customers of my client (who was share brokerage firm) instruments in addition to all the accounts of the client, right from daily cash/bank transactions to yearly trial balance sheets and capital management. This application also allowed the firm to manage all the shares being sold and purchased by different clients but also gave very user friendly and efficient in-depth reports showing the trends of various rates/volumes/costs etc over a period of time for specific Shares or Client including short sell/buy positions.


13) Health Manager

Platform – Win 9x/ Win Me / Win 2000 Server

Front-end – Delphi 6

Backend – MS Access 2002 (XP)

Duration – 5

Team – 4 Developers, 1 DBA and Self as Team Leader

Company Information – Directorate of Health Services

Features – This was developed to automate the routine returns received by Directorate at its Command HQ from various Unit HQs and then to generate various reports to help senior officers analyze the conditions and make various forecast in user friendly transparent manner based on intelligent comparison with earlier data.

12) Secure Mail

Platform – Win 9x/ Win XP

Front-end – Delphi 7

Other Technologies: Jabeer/XML on Windows and on Linux

Duration – 3 Months

Network: LAN/WAN

Team – 2 Developers including self

Features: This is customized Mailing software with inbuilt customized encryption/de-crypt ion facilities hard coded for specified service/lan/wan environment with built-in Word Processor facilities like formatting/spell checking etc and also incorporating various formats of the company.

11) Data Fusion Analyzer

Platform – Win 9x/ Win XP /Linux RedHat 7.3

Front-end – Delphi 7

Backend – MS Access 2002 (XP), Oracle9i, Sybase 12.x (AIX Unix)

Domain- Data Ware housing with very advanced decision making tools

Duration – 4 Months (Apr 03 and then Jul 03 to Sep 03)

Network: LAN/WAN

Team      – Self only

Features : This is an offshoot of earlier projects and caters to intelligent and easy to use graphical analysis by top executives at national level to analyze the potentials of various units /Stations for user defined period/durations like Quarterly/Monthly/Daily or at any Instant. This software incorporates advance technique for run time creation and destruction of various class objects in addition to generation of SQL Scripts including nested queries and all types of joins as per the user selections (Options too being produced at run time to keep the number of options to bare minimum).

10) Air Op Center

Platform – Win 9x/ Win Me / Win XP Server

Front-end – Delphi 6

Backend – MS Access 2002 (XP), Oracle9i

Duration – 4 Months (Aug 02 – Nov 02)

Network : LAN/WAN

Team – 20 Developers,3 Sr. Developers cum system analysts (Including me) & 2 project leader

9) IAF Reporter

Platform – Win 9x/Win NT4/ Win2k / Linux Redhat 7.1

Front-end – Delphi 6, Kylix with XML& HTML 4

Backend – Oracle 8i

Network – LAN / WAN / MAN

Duration – 3 Months

Team – Alone

8) IAF Database Manager

Platform -SCO Unix/Linux RedHat/Win9x/WinNT 4

Forefront-end Delphi 5

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 15 Months

Team – 2 System Analysts cum Developers,2 Network Administrator & 2 Oracle Database Administrators.

Own Role -System Analyst cum DBA

7) Components Development for Delphi Users (Data Export)

Platform – Win 9x/ Win NT

Front-end – Delphi 5

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 10 Days

Team – Alone

Features – Components, which allow even new Delphi programmers to

Export Data from any type of database to various forms like Text/ HTML/DBF etc or to directly print data from any dataset / dbgrid toPrinter port. It is BDE Dependent.

6) Components Development for Delphi Users (Plug-ins)

Platform – Win 9x/ Win NT

Front-end – Delphi 5

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 1 1/2 Months

Team – Alone

Features – Components, which allow even new Delphi programmers to create big applications in a modular manner by helping them, create customized dll/library files (even containing several forms) even without knowing any library function. Not only that it also helps them to create a very thin exe which loads those customized dll at run time even without knowing the name of exported functions from them provided they just follow two or three basic norms. By using this component programmer can even develop additional dlls (Plug-ins) at a later date and those dll can be loaded by an exe, which was deployed much earlier.

5) Components Development for Delphi Users (Oracle)

Platform – Win 9x/ Win NT

Front-end – Delphi 5

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 2 Months

Team – Alone

4) Ops Planner

Platform – Win 9x/Win NT

Front-end – Visual Basic 6

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 3 Months

3) Mission Control System

Platform – Win9x/Win NT

Front-end- Delphi 5

Backend – Oracle 8i

Duration – 5 Months

2) Admin On Line System

Platform – Win 9x/WinNT 4

Front-end – Delphi 3/ Delphi 4

Backend – Oracle 8

Duration – 6 Months

Team – Three

1) IAF Orders Management System

Platform Win 95

Front end – Delphi 3.0

Backend – Foxpro 2.6

Duration – 5 Months

Team – Three

  • Languages

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu (Spoken Only) , Khasi

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