#Kylix that is #Delphi on Linux is back in new Avatar

Excited that the latest version of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.2 a.k.a. Tokyo has been released this week with numerous new features, the main and most important being new Delphi 64-bit compiler for Linux…..

a screen shot of Beta version running on Windows as well as inside Linux


I know that lot of material has already been blogged and posted on the web including some marvelously amazing videos , for now let me post only a few links here for your ready reference:

New Features in RAD Studio 10.2:

DocWiKi Main page for latest version

List of customer reported issues fixed (over 500): http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/44747

Delphi Linux Server support video: https://youtu.be/2wiD3F-nGZ8

The Feature Matrix: https://www.embarcadero.com/docs/rad-studio-feature-matrix.pdf

Official launch webinar with PM next Monday, 27th March 2017: https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/launch-webinar-10-2-tokyo

“Delphi for Linux is now available, Delphi is getting more traction, Delphi is back!”

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